Jan 22, 2005
snow ruins everything!


ok, so i havent updated this since liek november, sry i have a life besides my blog lol that was mean. Any way its liek snowing mad crazy outside n im really sad about it! Well i liek the snow but i mean i kinda was hoping we wouldnt get any this year so we would get out of school sooner, especailly since this years trip to OC its going to rock but yea im getting off topic a bit. But yea today i had sooo much to do, and it ALL got cancelled bc of this damn snow! Ok well first i had Lacrosse in Perrying @ 10 and i really wanted to have that game since it was one of the lasts ones we have. Then i would come home and get ready for SNOWFLAKE ( dance at my school ) but nooo this damn snow has to ruin everything! all my friends had awsome plans too and now we have to wait til next friday. who has a dance on a friday i mean come on. and now that this dance is cancelled theres a HUGE chance that 3 of my friends cant go now, beacuase they have a basketball game. Well scott and tyler would be able to make it but they would be late but poor joe whos on varsity wouldt be able to make it unless they change the times. So Hopefully they change the times. But yea this snow is coming down liek crazy, and its not liek my parents are going to drive me anywhere so i get to enjoy this snow stuck at home. super. well i think im going to go watch a movie or something since thats all i can really do now..ahh

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Nov 14, 2004

so hum yea i havent updated this is a very long time

hum lets see its now November 14th! whoa i havent updated this thing n ages..but yes i think i might just now have enough time to add an entry here or there! Lets see this weekend was fun i guess.. friday i stayed home n watched sherk 2 n Mean girls love those movies..n worked on Todds Birthday card. Then on saturday i had to wake up at freakin 8 in the moring! er damn lacrosse. so yea i go to my game n we were playing 543 (C.MILTION WRIGHT) n they werent really as good as we thought them to be..they were up most the game then we came back n were ahead for most of the second half then out of nowhere we tied?! oh well its just indoor.no1 cares anyway..but yea during the game i was defending a girl n im NOT good at defense one bit ..so yea im like stepping backwards with this girl defending her n then all i know is im on the ground n my right hand is hurting liek a bitch..so yea i just get up n was hopeing to shake it off but it killed..so yea after lacrosse i went home n just hung out around the house, then i got ready to go to kyles house for a bon fire! so yea after getting ready i went n picked up caroline n chris n then we went to kyles! the bon fire was awsome i gave todd his b-day gift..n i fell in a giant hole lol n it was freaking cold as a mother so yea but it was fun! after that i went home n just watched tv ..then today hum lets see what did i do..oh i watched the ravens game n thats it woo awsome weekend!

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Jul 7, 2004
ok i have alot to say..

OK ..i have not written in this thing in a long time so im just going to start with thursday night..cause i cant remenber if i wrote about it or not so w.e here i go ok thursday i layed outside by the pool all day i wanted to have pppl over during the day n my mom told me i could later tonight after lacrosse so i was like awsome..so then i get on the net n tell ppl im having ppl over n shit then i got ready for lax then i went n pick caroline up who was coming to watch my game so then i had my game n we won n then on the way back tyler calls n is like where r u n im like im on 165! hha hes like im at ur house..haha so yea i didt plan the time for them to show up real well ha! so yea then finally everyone was at my house n everyone includes..me caroline tyler dan kendall dave todd scottt ..yay so yea we went swimming n use my hottub n yea so then after they all left carolines mom came n picked us up n i spent the night at kendalls of course kendall fell asleep early but me n caroline stayed up for awhile n talked n then in the moring kendall had to go to a like kiddie thingy for her gym so we went n watched n that ened at 9:30 n then we came home n hung out in her room for awhile n then i called my mom cause she didt want me staying over for awhile cause she says i have an attiutude when i do come home so w.e. so then they all got ready to hang out by the pool while i got ready to leave! haha so when i got home i went to bed like always .. so saturday yea i did alot n i dont feel like writting about it cause its boring n really not any fun since i wasnt with my friends so w.e. so sunday was 4th of july! woo hooo so i woke up like at 12 i guess..n started getting ready to go to my aunts for a cook out / crab feast so yea when i got there i just played with my lil baby cusion catherine who is turing 2 this july 20th so yea then we light off fire works n we watched fullertons fireworks..n the crazy neighboors frieworks it was fun..so me n nick left at like 10:30 ish got home at 11? when right to bed..so monday was tyler n adams b-day ..happy birthday peeps! n yes i woke up n i was watching jurassic park the best movie ever ahh i love it n then kendall called me n wanted to know if me n caroline wanted to come over n swim.. so then my brother took me n we picked up caroline on the way n then when we got there we layed out for sometime n then got in ..n then we were talking to my brother for awhile through txtin idk y thou but him n his friend were first going to come over n swim then we ask if they would take us to the mall n hes like sure so we rushed to get ready then him n gillies took us too the mall n we shoped n yea n we saw adam..n jeff n some kid i didt know there i swear it didt look like adam from the back! haha omg that reminds me haha the guy in aero where i got a bag was funny n then we go to the food court n caroline had like 5 guys hitting on her it was soo funny .. but she wouldt give them her number..pooper! well yea after seeing adam n jeff we left n kendalls parents picked us up n we went back to kendalls n then caroline left liek 30 min after n then i stayed for awhile n we just hung out n checked out kendalls sun burn...which was really bad but yea..when i got home i just got on the net n talked to ppl! hum then todday i woke up at 11 n went outside n tanned til 2 n i got some color n i really didt get burned which was good just my armpits are burned cause stupid me falls asleep with my arms on my head..so they got fired up! so yea then today i went to lacrosse n we won yay were in the champoinship game next thursday not like its a big deal or anything but were excitied..well i m hahaha yea n when i got home from lax we had dinner n watche big brother 5 n the amazing race..then my mom noticed that zoe my dog was breathing funny n looked like she was having trouble so then we were watching her forawhile n then my mom was like ok i dont want her to die im going ot the vets so since my brother n dad have to work today i had to go with her to take zoe in n we left like at 10:30 n when we got there ..they told us we might have to wait a bit cause there was a dog hit by a car n they werent sure how long that was going to be..then this crazy ass annoying cat lady comes inn n she would not stop talking about her damn cats i was getting so pissed omg she was soo annoying finally they called her back so she shut her trap..ugh then they took zoe back n thne they called us back n by that time it was 11:45 n i was so tried so like 10 min later the doc. came in n told us that she has tosilities..cant spell ..n that she may need to get her tosslices out..idk how to freakin spell but yea so  they gave her a bunch of shots n put her on medicance then we left n yea i didt get hoem til 1 n here i find myself now..so i think im going to go cause i don feel like writing anymore n i really have nothing more to write about..peace!

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Jul 3, 2004
bored as anything..

   Hey im bored as anything n yes no one is like on the internet so i decied to take a couple of surveys...so here they are

+ Name: Kelly
+ D.O.B: Steptember 4th 1989

+ Time started: 6:01


+ Slept in your bed: me
+ Saw you cry: um idk im not even sure the last time i cried
+ Made you cry: not sure

+ Spent the night at your house: Caroline n Kendall

+ You shared a drink with: not sure

+ You went to the movies with: dave n kendall..cheaper by the dozen..yea i know it was like forever ago
+ You went to the mall with: John Amanda S, n Caroline ..lots of fun!
+ Yelled at you: Dad
+ Sent you an e-mail: Ms. Terry..Bel air lax lady


+ Said "I love you" and meant it?: no
+ Gotten in a fight w/your dog/cat/bird/fish,etc.?: yea damn zoe stole my lax ball n i was pissed when she chewed it up
+ Been to New York?: No, but going this summer
+ Been to Florida?: yes
+ Calie Summer Time?: No
+ Hawaii?: No
+ Mexico?: No
+ China?: No
+ Canada?: No

+ Got a really bad feeling about something then it happened?: Yea hum all the time
+ Wish you were the opposite sex?: No not all the time i think it would just be cool to experince being a guy for a day!
+ Had an imaginary friend?: Yeap haha when i was little i had like 5

+ Red or blue?: blue
+ Spring or fall?: Spring.

+ Santa or Rudolph?: SANTA!
+ Math or English?: English
+ What are you going to do after you finish this survey?: idk

+ What was the last food you ate?: french fries
+ High school or college?: college
+ Are you bored?: yes

+ How many buddies are on?: 9
+ Last movie you saw?: Teen Witch
+ Last noise you heard?: TV
+ Last time you went out of the state: hum not sure
+ Things you like in a girl/guy: funny, hot, nice. some what smart..althetic
+ Do you have a crush on someone?: nope its summer..id rather be single during the summer!

+ Do they know?: read above

+ What's his/her name?: NINCOMPOOP!

+ What book are you reading now?: nothing
+ What's on your mouse pad?: a RED COW!
+ Favorite Magazine?: Seventeen, Teen People
+ What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?: WTF IS THE TIME!

+ How many rings before you answer?: 2
+ Future daughter's name: Danillie or Heidi ...
+ Future son's name: Dave or Ryan
+ Chocolate or vanilla?: vanilla
+ Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: no
+ If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?: lawyer
+ Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous?: use to be Ambidextrious in elementray school but now im right

+ Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?: yes
+ What's under your bed?: blankets n magaizines
+ Favorite sport to watch?: lacrosse n football

+ Hair Color: brown
+ Eye Color: Brown
+ Height Currently: 5 feet ish

+ Glasses/contacts: nope

+ Current Age: 14 ..going to be 15 in like 2 months
+ Siblings: 1
+ Siblings Age: 16..17 in one month
+ I love: you!
+ College Plans: i want to go to college not sure where thou
+ Any Piercings: 2 in each ear, going to get more soon
+ Best Friends: Caroline Kendall..Lena n MERGLER!
+ Boyfriend/Girlfriend: .....

+ Room In house: my room!

+ Type of music: rap/hip hop

+ Song: lots
+ Day Of The Week: hum saturday or friday
+ Color: Hot pink, green , orange

+ Flower: dragon lilly..soo pretty!
+ Month: June and July August n stepetember


+ Cried: nope
+ Bought Something: nope

+ Gotten Sick: nope
+ Sang: yea

+ Said I Love You: no
+ Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them, But Didn't: no
+ Met Someone New: Nope
+ Moved On: moved on from what?

+ Talked To Someone: Are you crazy? of course
+ Had A Serious Talk: yup
+ Missed Someone: no

+ Hugged Someone: Yup
+ Kissed Someone: Yup

+ Fought With Your Parents: no
+ Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: no
+ Had a lot of sleep: yea

   so theres one n now heres 2 more just for u all to read!!!!!!!!

1. Male or Female? female
2. Favourite colour? Pink Orange and Green
3. Favourite food? French Fries

4. Celebrity crushes? none

5. Hair colour? brown

6. How are you? ? im good? thanks for asking
7. How much do you weigh? 96 lbs
8. Do you like rock music? yup

9. Have you ever broken something and blamed it on someone? yea probably

10. What did you dream about last night? i know it was somehting but i really cant remeber i just know it was werid
11. Britney or Christina? Neither
12. Cakes or cookies? Cookies
13. KFC or McDonalds? McDonalds...no bird please
14. Do you want a tattoo? maybe

15. Have you ever tried voodoo? nope
16. Do you wish you were thinner? nope

17. What is the time right now? 4:54pm

18. Have you got a pet? yes a dog named Zoe
19. What’s worse falling over in front of your crush or breaking wind in front of them? omg hahah def. breaking wind!
20. Have you got a piercing? yep 2 getting more very soon
21. Describe yourself in three words: short,confused,silly
22. Do you believe in aliens? YES...ok we cant be the only freaks in this universe

23. Do you believe in ghosts? YES i def. do!

24. Do you like Halloween? yea ..who doest like getting candy?
25. How many teeth are in your mouth? um sry i dont count my teeth?
26. Can you sing? no not at all
27. Do you like playing dare games? i guess thats a yes?

28. Are you a liar? nope
29. Have you got drunk before? yes

30. Have you got a religion? yup.Catholic. Jesus is my homeboy

31. How many fingers am I holding up? how gay can these ?'s get
32. Can you roll your tongue? yup
33. What’s your favourite sport? lacrosse

34. What’s your favourite flavour ice cream? vanillie

35. Do you have any fillings in your teeth? no..

36. Can you send this survey to hundreds of people by email? i can..am i going to no
37. Would you ever go outside in your pajamas? yea.

38. Could you tell me your sizes of shoes and clothes? clothes like small/medium depends shoe is a 61/2
39. Do you think self labelling is wrong? humm
40. Do you have anything which makes you individual? idk u tell me
41. Do you smoke? nope
42. How old is your mother? idk y the hell do u care
43. What was your favourite toy when you were a child? no idea

44. What is your favourite band? idk

45. What did you get for Christmas? lots of shit
46. Have you got a phobia? no
47. Do you bitch about anyone and if so who? yep, anyone who is pissing me off
48. What is the worst form of punishment you could think of for a murderer? I dunno shooting someone?
49. Have you got a wrong or right answer? I'm always right
50. Heard of The Darkness, this great band from England? hum no
51. Do you wear glasses? no
52. Have you got a boy/girlfriend? no

53. Have you got an enemy? no but i dont like some ppl
54. Favourite film? um how to lose a guy in 10 days
55. What’s your saying? what ever floats the boat..nozzle
56. Can you count to 9,737,859 (nine million, seven hundred and thirty seven thousand, eight hundred and fifty nine)? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15.....
57. Do you have a habit? no

58. Can you describe your bedroom?colorful
59. What kind of shampoo do you use? lots different kinds

60. Sick of surveys? Are you kidding me? they keep my occupied
61. Do you have any qualifications? sure why not
62. Could you tell me any joke? knock knock....(whos there) ...BOO...(boo who?) ..ok it was a joke no need to cry! haha
63. What’s your favourite fragrance? idk
64. Do you like comedy movies? of course. everyone loves a good laugh!
65. Do you get stressed? no not alot
66. What is 689,689 multiplied by 2? 1,379,378 ...calculator biotch!

67. Do you have any hobbies? lacrosse n field hockey
68. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? HARRY POTTER

69. Can you tell me what question 17 was? "What time is it right now?"

70. It was "what’s the time" what is the time now? its 5:04
71. Do you have a DVD player? yup
72. Name a famous tennis player: VENUS WILLIIAMS
73. Have you got any sisters or brothers? brother

74. Have you done your homework? um I'm out of school.
75. Are you sick of answering yet? never!


--->Name On Birth Certificate? Kelly Ann Driver
--->Nicknames? Kel
--->Any other names you might have? lil bit (field hockey)
--->Would you change your name? nope

--->If So, what would you change it to? see above.
--->Where do you live? jarrettsville MD aka hickville

--->Where have you lived? here n in overlea md
--->Where would you like to live? I dont know. somewhere fun.
--->Where are you glad you don't live? Iraq. lol
--->Hobbies? lacrosse and field hockey

--->Hidden Talents? I dont think anything
--->Do you think you're attractive? no
--->Do others find you attractive? It depends who these "others" are.
--->What do you think is your best feature? ask someone else.

--->What do others think is your best feature? see above.
--->What do you think is your worst feature? Why are you asking me this?!
--->What do others think is your worst feature? see above.
--->Do you like your personality? sure why not.I guess so.
--->Do others like your personality? This is starting to piss me off
--->Do you think your funny? at times i guess
--->Do others think you funny? ASK THEM
--->Do you like your family? sometimes.
--->Do they like you? I DON'T KNOW DAMMIT!!

have you ever...
--->Had a serious illness? no
--->Been happy about someones death? no?
--->Killed an animal? nope
--->Caused a riot? nope

--->Taken part in a riot? nope
--->Eaten a bug? no
--->Been on stage? yea.

--->Joined a gang? hell ya ...."SS" figure it out
--->Been mentally disturbed? not that I recall
--->Smoked? nope
--->Drank? yup
--->Stolen? nope
--->Used someone? I dont think so

--->Wished to die? no

--->Questioned God's existence? yeap

--->Stalked someone online? no..im not crazy here
--->Taken pills? r we talking about drug pills...then no but if were talking about medicanice pills then yes

For a billion dollars would you...
--->Kill your parents? no
--->Eat an ant farm? yes

--->Kill your best friend? Never. WTF WOULD I KILL SOMEONE!
--->Hold up a convenience store? Yea as long as I dont get caught.
--->Shoot yourself in the leg? for a billion sure,with that kind of money ill have many options to fixing my leg
--->Eat another person? going way to far

--->Jump off a three story building? yes if i landed on something that would keep me alive
--->Walk naked in a mall? yea
--->Shave your head? yea
--->Drink human blood? yea
--->Box with a kangaroo? HELL YEA!!
--->Kill the president? i dont understand the killing here..

--->Slap an old person? Old people are wise. We do not slap wise people. thats why people dont slap me.
--->Eat your own vommit? for a billion yes
--->Eat a booger? yeap

Out of my friends, who is the...
--->Loudest? Scott

--->Quietest? Caroline

--->Smartest? Todd..he knows everything..
--->Dumbest? Scott

--->Funniest? Tyler
--->Dullest? I have no dull friends

--->Skinniest? hmm I dunno.
--->Fattest? hum thats mean
--->Most Fashionable? def. KIM

--->Least Fashionable? scott..idk really just his name was coing up for everything else
--->Most Opptimistic? laura lesnick!

--->Most Pessimistic? i would say me..
--->Cries Most? Lena
--->Cries Least? i would say idk
--->Most Trustworthy? Caroline Kendall n MERGLER
--->Least Trustworthy? Scott

--->Most Honest? i would hope all my friends!
--->Least Honest? idk i hope they r telling the truth to me?
--->Best for advice? TYLER DR. T!
--->Worst for advice? Lena
--->Most likely to become gay? idk good ?
--->Most likey to become famous? SCOTT WITH HIS HAIRY ASS!

--->Most likely to become a cereal killer? Kendall
--->Most likely to commit suicied? hum
--->Most likey to go mentally insane? Lena
--->Most likey to become a saint? Lena

--->Most likely to become become president. Hope Rush..first female pres. right there

My Favorite...
--->Letter? hum to bad i dont have a fav. letter?

--->Color? Pink, orange n green
--->Number? 8,16,13
--->Word? nozzle..its a freakin ass funny word
--->Movie? how to lose a guy in 10 days
--->Rapper? idk to many

--->Pop group? *NSYNC ALL THE WAY!!!
--->Rock band? idk
--->R&B singer? idk
--->Pop singer? idk

--->R&b group? idk

--->Shape? polygon!!!
--->Person? i so have a fav person?
--->Relative? idk
--->Old Song? all the spice girls songs
--->New Song? to many
--->CD? mixed cds
--->T.v Show? punked, n boiling points
--->Movie Soundtrack? idk
--->Channel? MTV

--->Parent? mom
--->Resterant? ruby tuesday
--->Drink? coke? sprite anything i guess
--->Food? french fries

--->Snack? french fries
--->Shoe Brand? anything

--->Underwear? my fav pair or my fav type?
--->Season? Summer
--->Sport? lax
--->Dance? my fav dance hell i dont dance only on ddrmax

--->Weapon? I dont own any weapons
--->Sin? idk

--->Smell? vanillie sugar that shit gooooood
--->Shampoo? i use different types

Last person you...
--->kissed? my mom yesturday b4 i left for kendalls
--->Hugged? hum
--->Slept with? Kendall n Caroline(sheet freak)
--->Licked? cant remeber
--->Ate? no comment.
--->Cursed out? hmm I dunno
--->Intensionally hurt? idk
--->Punched? not sure i hit alot of ppl
--->Loved? ehh

--->Killed? no comment.
--->Danced with? Kendall n Caroline def used ddrmax!

--->Liked? cant remeber lol

--->Stalked? hot guy at towson who was super hott!
--->Hated? I dont hate. I strongly dislike...
--->Gave the finger to? hum
--->Cried with? I cry alone
--->Fought with? my brother
--->Talked with? Caroline
--->Laughed with? Caroline
--->Made bleed? idk

--->Cuddled with? idk
--->Played with? what?

--->Ate with? my family.

--->Hung out with? caroline n kendall
--->Sung with? caroline n kendall

 Yea so im bored n yea im bored so i think im going to go find some more surveys to take haha cause im so FLIPPING bored ha ugh..

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Jul 2, 2004
yay i love friday nights when u do NOTHING!

well where should i really start i have not written in this thing in a while so idk where to start!
ok lets see ill start with yesturday which was thursday i hung out all day long n it was hot as a bitch so i layed outside for a bit n played ddrmax n like around 4 we went n picked up caroline to go to my lax game.after my lax game we came back to my house n i had ppl over it was fun. after they all left my house which was like around 10:50? i guess carolines mom came n picked me caroline n kendall up n took us to kendalls house were we spent the night. as soon as we got there we fell freakin asleep well kendall did not me n car we stayed up for a bit talking..haha kendall was talking in her sleep it was funny! yea we woke up at like 8:22 n kendall rushed around to get ready for work the thing started at 9 so we had to get ready fast so then we went to kendalls work thing n it was cute watching all the lil kids doing gymnastics it was cute! well then we came back n like hung out in kendalls room for like 3 hours n then caroline n kendall got ready to go out by the pool n i got my stuff ready to leave cause my mom doest like when i spend the night n stay over for awhile cause she says i come back all tried n with an attuitude..but w.e. so i left around 1 n as soon as i got home i ate some food n then layed down by the pool for 3 hours n i got burned a lil on my chest but w.e. its not that bad ..after that i came in my house n clean my room a lil looked thru magazines n what not n then i fell asleep from like 4-7 long nap then i woke up n i tryed to organize all my jewerly i have WAY TOOO MUCH..ugh but yea i started that n i have 5 min to finish this other wise its going to say i wrote this on saturday n thats not what i want so yea after doing that i had dinner n then i got on the net n just talked to ppl n painted my toes pretty 4th of july colors haha its pretty ..well ok im out cause i need to hit publish like now..peace

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Jun 30, 2004

i love fuc*ing summer!

    Today was a really HOT day n it wast really that boring. i woke up at like 11:30 a little late but i enjoyed my sleep! Right after waking up i looked outside n it was freakin sunny as shit out so i was like hells ya im tanning. so i got all ready n went outside n tanned for about an hour then i came inside made some food n watched some tv until like 2 then i wanted to go back outside and tan so i went back out for another hour then i was bored as hell so i made some more food n i walked around my house..then my mom told me i had to get ready for field hockey omg i hate it..not really i just dont like going since i dont know anyone its soo fun when u dont know anyone n when u talk to someone they look at u like ur crazy so im like ok w.e ..then i got all ready fro field hockey n i kept saying to my mom how i didt want to go this week so she was like u dont have to go so i was like okay yay so i went outside n threw a ball at my goal for a bit then i came inside n played with my dog zoe..then nick n my dad came home from work n we talked to them for awhile n then FINALLY my freakin PS2 game came so i was excitied when i saw the ups truck drive by so i ran downstairs n i saw this BIG box on our porch n i opened it real fast then ran to nicks room pulled the ps2 out from his room n set it up downstairs..then after that me n nick played my game for like 1 hour then nick left to go to pepboys with his friend n then this guy came to out house about insurance or something so my mom n dad were caught up with that n i was soooo HUNGARY omg i was going to shoot something ...so i ened up playing my game for another 2 hours cause i was so bored n shit ugh i wanted food! so after the gay insurance guy left my parents went out to get food at burger king so they finally came bakc like 45 min later dont know why it took so fucking long but hey w.e. after that it was tiem for newlyweds so i justed watched that n yea.. im out peace


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Jun 29, 2004
i wish i had a life

i dont have a life at all.. all i do all day n night is get on the internet! well yea anyway today was boring as shit n im so tired even thou i didt really do anything.. well yea lets see it started off almost going over daves house with todd but he ened up going to the pool so that was that. so i layed outside all day n i think i already wrote about this ealier im not quite sure so yea after that i just walked around my house n watched tv..my mom wanted to go to the movies to see sherk 2 personally i really didt want to go to the movies..i didt feel ike sitting in a dark room with my mom watching sherk 2 which i know the whole time my mom would be laughing really loud n i would be like omg this needs to end! but yea i todl her i didt want to go to the movies n she was cool with that i guess..?! so i convinced my mom to go to harford mall ..not like that mall is anything great or anything but i would rather be at harford mall shopping then at the movies. so we went first to best buys cause my mom wanted to get something for her office idk it took a long time thou then we went to ruby tuesdays n ate dinner n that took a really long time too then we finally got to the mall n my mom wanted to go to hechts to find somthing to wear for the 4th of july..so i was like w.e ill just go look in juniors so i go look there n i find nothing then i just walked around hechts til my mom was done finally she wanted to go to sears so i went there n got 2 shirts there cool they were only 8 bucks so i was liek hell yea! then i just walked around the mall while my mom continued to look for her 4th outfit..finally i ran back into my mom n she was ready to go so we left n i came home n i watched the real world final episode n yes it was sad i must say tht this season was my favorite season but yet i say that every season so yea. so yea im a lil bad that my ps2 game has yet to come my dad says its suppose to come torom. but it should have came today so it HHOPFULLY will be at my house torm otherwise im going to be even more pissed..all i want to do is play my ps2 game!!!

alright im out cause im fucking tired n i want sleep n my fucking foot just fell asleep n i have pins an needles in my foot yay just wat i like before i go to bed..

im out peace

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okay lets see todays tuesday n yea im bored as shit theres nothing to do at all! i woke up a little ealry today n took a nice shower n then i made some lunch then i layed outside for 2 hours n got some sun..i def got a lil darker on my back it left a bathing suit line on my back..after tanning i came inside n have done nothing.so yea 4th of july is coming up i belive it is this weekend! well i was thinking about having a couple of friends over but then yesturday my mom told me we were going to my aunts for the 4th so it looks like ill be bored all day with my family yay..saturday is the jacksonville fire works we usually go down to the fords house n watch them from their driveway im not sure if were doing that this year or not i have not heard anything about it yet..hopefully we do cause it usually is fun with everyone! omg i remeber last year on the 4th when i went to my aunts house my uncle was trying to set off fire works n he of course starts a fire in my uncles field it was soo funny i hope he doest try to set them off again cause i really dont want to have to run around again with buckets of water trying to stop the fire! im so bored i wish more ppl lived in my neighboorhood then i wouldt have this problem of being bored. ugh i think tonight my mom wants me to go with her to go see sherk 2. Yea i want to see the movie but i dont feel like wastin my tuesday night at the movies with my mom. Everytime i go out with her all my friends end up doing something n i get stuck with my mom at the movies ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnn! ugh my dad ordered me a game off ebay n i was hoping i would get it by today since it is only in towson (the store) but no the guy has to be gay n not e-mail us or anything so i have no clue if he even knows that we bought the damn thing..im getting really mad too cause all i want to do is play my damn ps2..but nooooooooo the guy is GAY! ok so now i can feel that y back is burned so i think im going to go put something on it so it doest burn.....im out peace

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Jun 28, 2004
mondays suck ass

mondays need to die!

well hum yes today is monday n i have nothing to do all day which sucks major ass! ugh i want to go shopping still but my mom is working n i doubt she will take me. lord i wish i could drive i could go anywhere at anytime! its not even sunny out otherwise i would just lay outside n tan all day but no its cloudy n ugly out! i need to find a job so i can make money! not just babysitting i need a job thats going to pay weekly! i really need money n no1 wants a 14 year old girl who has no experience in anything what so ever. i dont want to work at a resturant cause thats just dirty n i want to work somewhere, where i know after a week i wont be like omg this sucks ass..which i doubt i will find a job like that but yea! i was thinking it would be cool to just work at like the putt putt place or like the batting cages..i wonder if there looking for ppl? Target would be an awsome place to work but no i have to wait 2 more years til i can work there. i wish there was a freakin snowball stand around here but no they all moved or just stoped selling snowballs..y the fuck am i talking about work..omg im so gay im out

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Jun 27, 2004


ok so todays sunday n yes im freakishly tired right now! ugh i want to sleep but i cant! well anyway yesturday i hung out around my house n shit n then Caroline came home from the beach n her n kendall came over to my house! we got in the hot tub n hung out at todds house for a bit then around 10:30 carolines mom came n picked us up n we went to Kendalls house were we were going to spend the night! when we got there we made some food n then we went upstairs n hung out for awhile n then kendall fell asleep around 1:30 n me n caroline stayed up n talked for a long time n didt fall asleep until 3:30 we woke up around 10:30 n then we just hung out at kendalls house i came home around 4:30 n i as soon as i got home i ate food n went right to bed i was so tired i was excitied to lay in my bed too! so yea i woke up at 10 n now i know im not going to be able to go back to sleep which sucks ass cause then im going to be sleeping all monday. yea so i really want to go shopping i havent been in awhile n all i want to do is buy something! i have 45 bucks n to me thats alot! n nick owes me 65 so i really have a total of 110$ hopefully he gives me some money before i go but then again it would be better if he didt cause then i wouldt use it all! i really want to go see if hollister is open last time i was at white marsh it was still in "construction" n it said it would be open summer 2004 so i figure its open by now! well i really dont want to go there until like right before school starts again to get school clothes cause im sure there going to start putting fall clothes out n its summer so whats the point in driving down to white marsh to buy fall clothes in the summer..theres no point?! ill just go later on this summer ..o ok i just relised i need to get a list off the internet of things i need to take to field hockey camp ..its coming up n im excitied for it im going to east coast field hockey which is like on the line of PA n new york n yet all the schools from our area tend to go there so maybe it will help with my skills hopefully..so im out to get me a list! cya

Posted at 11:45 pm by lilkelly567
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